Company Profile

Mibbo (xiamen) automation technology co., LTD focus on  high  quality  industrial  control   components  product  research  and    development, production, sales, location services in high-end equipment manufacturers and system integrators, on the basis of developing the technology with independent intellectual property rights, close to the line to provide high quality products and personalized solutions, realizes the enterprise value and customer value grow together.

Company with "Mibbo" brand for the market to provide the whole products and technical services, with integration of excellent electronic control technology, understanding customer's field application, the actual process requirements according to different situations, to achieve a complete solution, for customers to create competitive advantage.

Mibbo's main products are: industrial tablet power supply, industrial, rail power supply, solid state relay, touch screen and personalized CDM custom products, mainly in the service of the equipment manufacturing industry, energy conservation, environmental protection, new energy, petrochemical, steel, transportation, municipal, civil and other fields.


Sustainable Development

Sustainable development strategy refers to the enterprise in the process of seeking their own survival and sustainable development, should consider to achieve the goal of enterprise management and improve enterprise market position, and to keep the enterprise in the field of competition has been the leading and the future expansion of the business environment always maintain continued earnings growth and improvement of ability, ensure longevity enterprise for a long time.

Sustainable development is to consider the needs of current development and the need for future development.It cannot be sacrificed at the later stage in exchange for the present development and the present benefit.At the same time, sustainable development also includes the development of a development trend in the face of unpredictable environmental shocks.

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