The company's new corporate philosophy is a clearer and clearer picture of the company's mission "to create value for society".After studying the philosophy of the company, employees actively express their understanding of the concept of enterprise.

    I hope to attract talents who can combine personal growth with the growth of enterprises, and personal professional skills and career planning.

    In order to be able to create a future society together with the enterprise, and combine personal growth with the growth of enterprises, the recruitment plan we have adopted is based on the long-term talent cultivation in Mibbo.

    At the time of recruitment, we not only consider your professional skills, but also focus on your potential, enthusiasm for work and the future development of Mibbo. 

    During the interview, please describe some of your plans for your future career and what you want to do.In this way, we can understand and judge whether Mibbo has the work and environment that you want and whether it can provide a platform for your career to grow.

    Hiring direction

    The talent that the company wants to recruit is to be able to resonate with the concept of the enterprise, and can carry out in practice, both professional and management ability and management ability talented person.

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